Update -Wednesday 26th September, 2018

Hi everyone. Click on the following link to view our MERRYLANDS $35 RING RACE 2019. 

>> $35 Ring Race 2019 - CLICK HERE

Hi everyone. Click on the following link to view our MERRYLANDS SQUEAKER SALE AUCTION 2018

>> Squeaker Sale Auction 2018 - CLICK HERE


Update - Sunday 19th March, 2017

Hi everyone. Click on the following link to view the full up to date article on the Rota Virus.

>> Rota Virus - CLICK HERE


Update - Sunday 12th March, 2017

Hi everyone. Its been awhile since I've updated this website, and I'll be making continual updates as this year progresses. The Rota Virus, is the biggest topic since late last year. Its unfortunate that many flyers nation wide has lost a large number of racing, stock and fancy pigeons through this deadly virus.

At present moment "touch wood", I don't have the virus. I'll tell all of you what I've been doing, and you be the judge:

1 - Don't allow anyone in the backyard
2 - Don't visit anyone
3 - Don't take any pigeons from a mate and house it in your loft. If you do, quarantine it a separate box for up to year, or until it dies or a vaccine is available. If it dies then buy a bottle of GLEN 20 (as it kills the Rota Virus), and spray the box thoroughly.
4 - Don't let the pigeons out. Don't loft train them and toss them.
5 - Every Sunday, mix Garlic, Ginger, Pink Powder in the seed mix
6 - Every ODD WEEK Sunday, mix Empremix in the water >> kills mites on the body and worms in the body
7 - Every EVEN WEEK Sunday, mix KD Powder (dessert spoon), Synachec (cap) and Pino Clean (cap) in a 9 Liter watering can >> kills good and bad bacteria in the body

The above steps may not prevent the Rota Virus, but it's a start. Whether you've had the virus or not, the ingredients above are inexpensive and wish everyone the best of luck.

cheers - Jase


Update - Thursday 17th December, 2015

Pet food and Wire Sales will be closed for the Holidays at NOON on December 24th and Re-open at 8:30am on Saturday 9th January, 2016

On behalf of the WSRP team, we'd like to wish you and families a very happy and Merry Christmas.


Update - Thursday 25th December, 2014

On behalf of the WSRP team, we'd like to wish you and families a very happy and Merry Christmas.


Update - Sunday 3rd November, 2013

Sale Date - Sunday - 15th November 2013
Blind Auction will be held after the completion of the Squeaker Sale Auction. (10birds-nominated donors).(2013 Blind Auction was not won-prize money will jackpot to the 2014 Blind Auction Race). Entries accepted from 10.00 am.---

Entries accepted from 5:30pm  - Sale to commence at 8:15pm.

Rings are now available and at the Sale. $35.00 per ring. (Can exchange rings to your own Club rings). Squeaker Sale: 5 Prizes.
Blind Auction: 1 Prize only. Prize Money

60% Flyer & 40% Breeder.
The following top Flyers of the CCF have offered to donate squeakers to this sale:

Jim Vescos(MBRA), Vince Pedavoli (KPS), Carlo Pedavoli (HD), Bill Eastcott (SH)G & C.McLaughlin (OXP), Luke Sienkiewicz (HD),Tony Sienkiewicz (HD), Pat Arcella(HD),Angelo Falzon (SH), J.Borg & Son (IHPS),K & C.Gambell (MTD), J & F.Migdalski (RPS),Rudi Diener (RHD), Jim Buchanan (RIV), Rod Sedgwick (RIV), Ryan McLachlan (OXP),Hawa Bros (PUN), V & P.Vassallo (MPS),Sultana Bros (MPS & WV),John Jeffery (CTN),
Basil George (ex GPS member), other members are more than welcome to donate squeakers.

If a youngster is not readyby the time of the sale the donor flyer will supply rings and will then breed the youngster for the purchaser.As an incentive V & P.Vassallo have offered to breed a youngster for the purchaser of the highest price youngster purchased at this Squeaker Sale, eligible as a free entry to the race. All transfers are to be made on the day of the sale only.

Race Point: 3rd
CARRATHOOL (Approx. 300 Miles)
Credit av ailable to approved existing CCF flying members
purchasers only. All credit payments must be paid for in full three (3) weeks prior to the commencement of the 2014 CCF season. (1st May 2014).
Failure to meet this deadline defaulters names will be forwarded on to the CCF for
refusal of their membership to the CCF as per the current CCF Racing Rule.
MPS Rules in conjunction with the CCF Rules and conditions will apply.
Any matters relating to this Squeaker Sale Auction and the Blind Auction and the races will be adjudicated on
by the full membership of the Merrylands Homing Pigeon Society Inc. whose decision shall be final and binding on all purchasers/flyers.

.B: The Merrylands $30.00 Ring Race will also be conducted in the 2014 season. This r ace will be held on the same date and race point as decided for the Squeaker Sale and Blind Auction Races. Maximum 10 entries per flyer

Number of entries required and payment (not ring numbers) closes on basketing night of the 1st CCF schedule race 2014 season.

Contacts : Allen Wonson 9644.7613or 0419461004. Paul Vassallo 0411969806. As an incentive V & P.Vassallo has offered to breed a youngster for the purchaser of the highest price youngster purchased at this Squeaker Sale, eligible as a free entry to the race.




The Campbelltown City Racing Pigeon Club wish to advise all fanciers that due to the very successful 2012 Trade Day and by popular demand it has been decided to conduct the event again this year, so mark the following date on your calendar.
Saturday 16th November 2013, 9am till 3pm
Many of the stallholders and breeding studs from last year will again be in attendance with several other new stallholders to be included. Keynote speaker on the day will be the well-known and respected Sth. Aust. Fancier Greg Hamiliton. Greg’s experience and knowledge as both a Champion flyer and Breeder of pigeons is exceptional, having travelled throughout Europe and Sth. Africa as a either a guest and/or visitor of people like Gerard Koopman and Hans Eijakamp of Ponderosa Lofts and having attended the Sth. African Million Dollar Pigeon Race on several occasion. Greg would have a wealth of experiences and topics that he can relate to, to both enlighten and interest any fancier. Dr.Colin Walker will also be giving an update on PMV and Salmonella vaccines along with other pigeon health issues.

Pigeon Sales Stall Holders in Attendance on the Day
VIP Lofts (Nigel Jarvis)      Pioneer Lofts (Godfrey Weis)      LPM Stud (Phil Murphy)      Winners 1
Flights of Fancy (Brian Catlin)   Alexandra Lofts (Steve Beverley)   
Phil Bouffler            John Brislin (VHA)         Vince Pedavoli (CCF)         Tony Farrugia (Breeding Boxes/Feeders)
   Eureka Lofts (Stephen Howard)

Product, Additives, Supplements and Medicines
The Aust. Pigeon Journal         Beyer Supplements (APFA)
Aviform Products (APFA)      Racing Pigeon Nutrition Company
Colin Walker (Veterinary Products)      (feed & supplements)      
Winners1 Loft Equipment         Versele-Laga (Jason Stig)
   Benzing EBS               Checker Flight (Health Products)
   Tim Fawcett (Pigeon Sales Aust.)      Mark Koulouris (Metal Products)

Catering supplied by Red’s Diner – Hot Food, Espresso Coffee and Cold Drinks

Location – Old Campbelltown Showground (located at the end of King Street Campbelltown 2560)

 Contact Details: Greg Kehlet (Club Sec.) 46250 0772   
     Paul Gibbs (Club Pres.) 4627 1131
     Phil Murphy (Event Co-ordinator) 0404 809 162  


Update - Saturday 1st - 12th June, 2013

>> WSRP - Are having an Auction this year. Bloodlines include Staf Van Reet, Silver Shadow Van Loon, Edmonson Barkers and Herman Ceusters. ALL pigeons will be supplied with a pedigree. More details of where its being held, date and times will be revealed soon.

If your looking for CHEAP and the BEST pigeons racing TODAY - Don't spend THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS, come to our AUCTION and bid on some pigeons you may LIKE and IMPROVE your STOCK pigeons. You won't be disappointed - GUARANTEED.

Date: Sunday 28th July, 2013

Time: Viewing at 11:30, Auction at 1pm

Venue: Merrylands Pigeon Club - Hyland Rd Greystanes

Click here to download the Catalogue

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