Racing Pigeons for Sale

It couldn't be easier just simply click on the VIEW DETAILS of the pigeon you’re interested in, and you will clearly see the specifications.


Terms & Conditions

Sex is believed to be correct but not guaranteed. In the event one or more of your purchases has been sexed incorrectly an exchange will be offered.

The sales section of the WSRP web site will be updated at no given notice. WSRP will not offer you similar pigeons to the ones featured on sale although it is likely that similar combinations will be offered from time to time.

In the unlikely event you are dissatisfied with one or more of your purchases, the whole order, not part of, will be collected by WSRP and any carriage charges are payable by the purchaser both ways.

Pigeons can be reserved against full payment and collected from WSRP 7 days week. From 6:00pm – 7:00pm week days and 9:00am – 5:00pm weekends.

Each pair is examined by Greg Benny and Jason Grech, and any minor imperfections such as a wave or dented keel, stocking feet, small, large or frill will be highlighted in the details of that lot. Strong or very strong for example means its build is over medium and would require a mate to compensate.

Whilst processing your order WSRP will promise to secure your chosen lot/s to the best of our staff’s ability but occasionally human error occurs. Additionally the failure of our payment system might result in the purchaser missing the selected pair/s of your choice. Should this situation arise WSRP will offer alternative stock. However, WSRP will not promise or imply to offer the pigeons of similar build or colour.


“Remember; looks can be deceiving” – Greg Benny


Buying Pigeon Guide    -    Good Feathering -   Selecting a Quality Breeding Pair



On behalf of the WSRP team, we'd like to thank all of the fanciers in past years for their support who's ordered their WSRP stock and Race team(s) in previous years.

All of the order have been for filled, and would like to wish the very best for years to come.

We will be taking orders for the 2018 season, that will be available for purchase in 2017. These pigeons will be priced from $50 to $500 each depending on which family is selected.

However please note the following thank you:

1 - You can either pick up your order once the pigeon(s) have been vaccinated to fight the Rota Virus (Hopefully by the end of 2017 - start of 2018)

2 - You can pick up your order without being vaccinated, however WSRP (Western Sydney Racing Pigeons) will NOT be held responsible if your Race team and/or Stock, starts showing Rota Virus symptoms and starts dying.

Don't hesitate to contact me via email or leave an SMS on 0421 662 094, if you'd like to place an order or if you have any questions regarding these pigeons.


Jason Grech

Race Teams and/or Stock pigeons will either be CROSS bred or PURE from a mixture of proven families as shown below:

* Hereman Ceusters

* Tommy Wills

* Van Loon Silver Shadows

* Schaerlaerlaeckens


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