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Loft Designs

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Loft Accessories 


Luke, came up with the ingenius idea for your 'Pigeon Perches'. During the Race season the perches are your normal everyday perches, however; in the off season or 'Breeding' season, they're very easily convert to a breeding box. As you can in the 'Breeding Canbinet' pictures below, the partition can swival Left or Right, to suit your custom breeding requirements.

* Please note, that the pigeons in any of the pictures below are for display purposes only and are NOT for sale.

Call Luke ASAP to secure your order:

* Contact Number: 0424 091 296

* $150 each - PAINTED, with NO BACK BOARDS ( 6 x 2 = 12 perches)

* Dimensions: 600 Wide x 1800 High x 300 Deep



 As a Perch, during the Race Season


 As a breeding Cabinet, during the Off / Breeding Season

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