This section has been along time coming. It's been requested by countless Pigeon Fanciers from around the world via email and phone for us to post or have a section dedicated to Health.

Although we strongly recommend that you goto to your local vet and ask him/her for their advice and buy their products, we use a combination of Vet and Natural products to sustain the high level of health we use for our pigeons irrespective if the're Stock or Racers.

The Health mixtures, Preventatives methods below, have been brought to you from many experienced flyers mostly from Sydney and Queensland, in Australia and other parts from around the world.

We urge you - If your unsure that you ask your 'fellow' flyers (or ask us) for an opinion first, before applying any of the methods below. We always get asked the question "what are the best health system?" In reply we say "Their are no right or wrong methods or any secrets, just simply do what you can afford with your budget and time. It would be to anyones advantage to keep to the KISS (Keep It Simply Stupid) method, ask as many questions, do as much research and above all, keep your loft and training grounds as clean and tidy as possible and you will be fine and have a successful season".



Powder Mix - Pink Powder, kelp (in powder form) and Calcium (in fine powder form).

Food Mix - Crushed Garlic, Sunflower Oil, Black Sunflower Seeds, Pigeon Pellets, Brown Rice, Split Peas and Pop Corn - Pink Powder and Crushed Pea Nuts are optional.

Trapping Mix - Canary Seeds, White Safflower, Lin Seeds, Rape, Crushed Pea Nuts.

Water Mix 1 - Crushed Garlic, Crushed Ginger, Apple Cidar Vinegar & Honey (Mixed in Water) - Lemon Juice optional.

Water Mix 2 - Water and Red Cordial. The Red Cordial prevents 'Coxi'.

Water Mix 3 - Water and Iron

Water Mix 4 - Water and 'Pino Clean' (Disinfectant).

Water Mix 5 - Water and Tea





E - Coli




Scalpt Pigeons


Grit & Sulpha 

Pino Clean 

25ml : 9L

Pino Clean

25ml : 9L



To prevent Pox 

To prevent E - Coli 


To prevent Salamalna


Pigeons hate the Smell and the Salty taste, thus allowing the feathers to grow back. 

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