Champion Stock List


With the combination of the WSRP Web team and more than Sixty years, many hundreds of Champion performance pigeons have been housed at either Anthony, Jason, Paul & Dennis stock lofts. This is possibly the most famous feature contributing to the widely acclaimed belief that the stud are recognised through out the Central Cumberland Federation of New South Wales.                
On this page of the web site you will find details of some of the current stock "Studs" and "Stud-ets" appearing in our breeding pairs.

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 << Please note that this section is work in progress >>


Silver Shadow Family 

Dennis is one of the early purchases of this bloodline. In 2005 the G.G.Dam was sold at D. Sippet auction for $950, and the G.G.Sire was sold at $900.   


Janssen Family 

Many fanciers from around the world has done exceptionally well with the many variations of this blood line. However; with such names as the "Generaal", "Thunderbolt" amongst others, are part of this elite family of pigeons.


Colin Warwick  / Van Cutsem Family 

The Van Cutsem bloodline dates back to the late 1800's and early 1900's. Over the years this bloodline has been perfected by Colin Warwick and Ray Holden thus producing a fantastic middle / long distance strain.


Hansenne Family 

Anthony has had this family for nearly 20 years and has done extremely well. He is a Fed Winner, AAD Winner, YBD Winner and has Multiple POOL and CLUB positions.


Magic Blue Family

Jason's most favorite bloodline. When crossed with a Staf Van Reet it becomes a superior Sprint Pigeon. Jason has spent the last 6 years perfecting this bloodline.


Mc Clean Family

 This is another superior Middle / Long Distance family that Jason has perfected over the past 3 years. The Sire a Multiple winner and the Hen is not only a Multiple winner but also has the bloodline of a pigeon that was 15 minutes in front of Campbelltown over 15 years ago.

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