Get to know the fanciers behind WSRP

As well as the Directors we have many known and unknown full-time Breeding Agents to care for our stock birds and our customers. In association with our extended family

Mary Grech is our Loft Manager, who is the sole care taker of all our Stock, Breeders and takes careful consideration of all of our youngsters. Each youngster is carefully nurtured and given the Tender Loving Care they all deserve.

Greg Benny is our master breeder. With his 20+ year experience and careful selection of all of our stock he's managed to maintain an exceptional high standard of pigeons where we've produced Exhibition Champions and Multiple Placings, but most importantly Multiple Club and Federation placing for ourselves and other fanciers like yourself.

We at WSRP endure to take pride in the numerous stock pigeons we have bred and accumulated over the years. We believe and have the confidence that every pigeon we produce we sell to YOU are all potentially of becoming YOUR next Club and Federation Champion(s) – otherwise it wouldn’t be in our lofts and we wouldn’t be selling it to YOU!

Our original stock comes from a vast array of some of the best Studs, Lofts and Auctions in Australia, where in turn many of these ace fanciers has acquired them from many well known studs and fanciers from around the world, thus making our stock very competitive , in the pigeon racing sport today.

Many of the fanciers at WSRP have been very successful at racing pigeons for many years, and with a combined knowledge in health, fitness, medication, performance and above all achievements, they all have at least 100 years between them. In this time, they have won many races and awards at Club and Federation levels.

"Our quality of success is a reality – we seek only the best" – Jason Grech


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