Western Sydney Racing Pigeons (WSRP) was formed in early 2008, as its primary mission is to provide racing pigeon fanciers with a worldwide social pigeon community network. Also with our SALES or AUCTIONS we organize annually, we provide high quality pigeons to ALL the fanciers that purchase them - The more people that attend our Sales / Auctions, the BETTER quality pigeons we can provide you. This means that fanciers that's on a "budget", has a competitive chance against other members in his/her club. The majority of the money that we accumulate from the Sales / Auctions is then reinvested to purchase other HIGH QUALITY pigeons from well known studs, which also means we are strive to provide YOU with the BEST what money can buy.

Its secondary mission is to provide its members and fanciers from around the world with computer related pigeon programs to assist you with your "day to day" breeding, training and racing. We know from a fanciers point of view, that YOU are looking for the BEST SYSTEM at a reasonable price, and whilst we're consistently on the look out for performance pigeons, we endeavor and create a balance to provide you with FREE DOWNLOADABLE programs to assist you. Goto our Classifieds Page, and download the program to suit your needs.

Many fanciers may regard this to be a business however it comprises of a dedicated team of pigeon fanciers that share the same interests as you. They closely work together to reach a common goal to assist you with your personal best achievements, in the pigeon sport of today.

The main enthusiast behind the WSRP family is Jason Grech, whose dedication and professionalism is exemplified through the superiority of this groups stock pigeons, the Computer Pigeon Programs he’s created and the direction of his Leadership. He is joined and Racing Directors Dennis Middling and Anthony Hines.

The WSRP family is always in search for the best quality performing pigeons they can afford to assist ALL racing pigeon fanciers. As each year passes the quality of our stock increases and we’d like to take advantage and this opportunity of creating more winning offspring to provide YOU with our unique friendly services.

On behalf of the WSRP family, we'd like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for your ongoing support to make our goals possible.

“We are the producers of Quality not Quantity” – Jason Grech



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